1a - Recruitment

 Finding the right apprentice

Finding the right apprentice is not always easy.  Some companies have applicants lining up; others have to put a little more effort into it.

Think about the position you are about to offer, what it entails, and its general tasks, functions and responsibilities. These are all a part of the job description you need to make when seeking a new  employee.

Now that you have the job description, you need to think about what kind of person you want to fill it; hence the apprentice profile.  Which characteristics and skills are you looking for in an apprentice?

There are many ways to announce that you are looking for an apprentice:



Consider to

  • post an advertisement in the national newspaper
  • local free newspaper
  • in a youth magazine
  • on bulletin boards of schools
  • libraries
  • recreation centres
  • other places frequented by young people or their parents.
  • Don't forget to post the announcement on your companies’ website or on your blog!

Example Slovenia 
In Slovenia there is, on television, a biweekly show for youth called Loudly and Clearly, where themes pertaining youth are discussed.

Example Denmark Odense Steelshipyard, the training manager
"We participate in "youth to youth" events, where one of the instructors and a few apprentices visit public schools.
T-shirts with logos are distributed in institutions and sports clubs. We arrange visits for public school classes, students are brought by bus, each of them produces a candlestick. We use newspaper articles about the shipyard to advertise for the training programmes.

Alert as many people as you know that you are looking for an apprentice.

Mention it to your barber, neighbour, former co-worker etc. Usually someone who knows someone can be found. A good reputation reaches far, so your own employees can be a good advertisement as well.

Also do not forget to participate in employment fairs, trade fairs and youth events or generally any other event where a large group of people might gather.

The picture to the right shows one of the Danish company's trucks with an invitation to apply for a job through the company's website!

Example Slovenia
An employment fair called Career has been organized in Slovenia. There is an annual Trade fair called Ceramitec in Munich.

 Cooperation with vocational schools
Cooperate with schools, participate in school events, and perhaps sponsor some activities. In this way you will be present in schools and you will be able to monitor the students.
Target suitable students, choose the one most suited to your needs and offer employment when they finish schooling. Keep in touch with teachers and VET consultants; they will know best which students would suit you the most.

Example of work placement in Bila, Brondby in Denmark
Apprentices take part in a work placement from a few days to 1-2 weeks during the basic course. As a part of the placement the apprentices take short math and reading tests. The mechanics training programme today requires good reading and math skills, so it's important for the company to have an idea of the apprentice's level of skills in this area.
 Employing apprentices from ethnic minorities

It is advisable to treat all applicants the same, may they be white, black, Chinese or Hispanic, and they all possess various abilities and talents regardless of their ancestors and colour of their skin.

You should give everyone the same treatment and opportunity.

 Cooperation with public schools

Don't forget the public schools, cooperation with them might prove to be quite fruitful. Of course some obstacles may have to be overcome, as sometimes professions still have negative image. Offering a work experience might be a way to overcome these obstacles.

Example UK
Here work experience is a placement on an employer's premises during which a pupil carries out a range of tasks or duties, more or less as would an employee, but with the emphasis on the learning aspects of the experience. It usually lasts for one or two weeks and during this time the students will practise their key skills as well as be able to make career choices

Example Arla, Denmark
"It can be a good investment to spend time on a 14-year-old", says Arla's manager and apprentice coordinator in Svenstrup: "The young people get a clearer picture of what it's like to be a dairyman or blacksmith."

Example, B- Rustfrit Staal, Denmark
The company arranges visits to their company for public school classes. An easy production task is prepared, so that the students can try something practical.
The director is positive: "It's fun for them, and the girls, who usually stand in the background, suddenly show that they can be especially good at precision work."
"Sometimes one of them comes back later and applies for an apprenticeship."

 Job Description
Think about the position you are about to offer, what it entails, and its general tasks, functions and responsibilities.

These are all a part of the job description you need to make when seeking a new employee.

In Austria, training regulations specify the job profile. The job profile catalogue lists the basic skills and knowledge to be taught during training. (Data from 2004) 
 Apprentice profile
Now that you have the job description, you need to think of what kind of person you want to fill it; hence the apprentice profile.

Which characteristics and skills are you looking for in an apprentice? 

1 - Recruit and employ