1d - Training plan

 A training plan

When taking on an apprentice you should consider the following questions:

  • What will the apprentice work with and when? 
  • What will he/she learn and when?
  • Who should do the training and when?
  • What should the apprentice be able to do after each school period?


In the United Kingdom, a training plan, and  a learning and assessment strategy

  • must be established by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • is negotiated and agreed upon by the RTO, the employer and the apprentice/trainee (and also the school,  for school-based apprenticeship/traineeship training arrangements)
  • is prepared in accordance with the relevant vocational training order and specifies the appropriate qualifications in relation to the proposed apprenticeship/traineeship
  • specifies the formal training requirements
  • is required to accompany the application to the Commissioner for Vocational Training for the establishment of the relevant apprenticeship or traineeship.

Training Plans are mandatory requirements for approval of applications to establish apprenticeships and traineeships in NSW under the Apprenticeship and Traineeship Act of 2001.

Therefore, check the relevant legislation in your country to see what is required of you and what the training plan entails.

 What is a personal education plan

The personal education plan is an important tool for transparency and documentation of the individual student’s educational progress. It is now required in Denmark that each apprentice makes his/her own education plan with goals for training.

Check the situation in your own country concerning this matter. Below are the links to Danish and UK examples.

Danish example 

UK example


 Digital planning tools

Since the education plan has to be evidently accessible to any relevant party, i.e. college, company and student, at any time  an IT tool/programme called “Elevplan” (=students plan) has been developed in Denmark.

The tool offers a wide range of support functions, including the personal education plan.

The company, apprentice and the school can use the tool together to plan the training.

More and more schools, trade committees and companies are using this tool.

For more information please check the Elearning Europa website.

 Consultations with apprentices

Explain to the applicant that there will be individual consultations regularly throughout the training, in order to clarify:

  • The apprentice's level of skill
  • Whether rules and agreements are followed
  • The apprentice's personal and social development
  • Interaction with the vocational school
  • The apprentice's expectations of the company

The consultations will be planned systematically and put into the apprentice's personal education plan.


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