10 - Lifelong Learning

 The beginning of professional life
What is the relevance of  ‘lifelong learning’?

And why think in ‘lifelong’ perspectives already during training?

All apprentices have something in common, even if their ideas about their future are sometimes somewhat vague: They start an apprenticeship hoping to graduate successfully. This graduation is meant to be the beginning of an exciting and eventful professional life.

Either way, your apprentice’s life will be eventful, for the working world is going through faster and faster changes:
  • technical progress causes professions to change rapidly and often 
  • globalisation causes the development of new markets
  • demographic development leads to an increasing percentage of older employees, who remain longer in the working world
 The beginning of lifelong learning
Learning doesn’t stop after graduation – whether from school, apprenticeship or university. Your own knowledge and skills have to be constantly adapted to new standards, markets or professions.

This affects both employees and companies. Adaptation is the only way to stay in business and to influence your own career.

Therefore, training should be the beginning of the lifelong learning process. During this initial period of your career, you should acquire the prerequisites for lifelong learning.

This may sound quite ambitious, but no one can ignore this fact today. In the long term, both the employee and the company will profit from lifelong learning.

10 - Lifelong Learning