10a - Training in Europe

 Lifelong learning throughout Europe
What is the relevance of  ‘lifelong learning’ ?

Lifelong learning is seen, also by politicians, as the key to employment and economic growth.

The European Union promotes the principle of lifelong learning with several education and training initiatives that have been subsumed into a ‘programme for lifelong learning’. From 2007 to 2013, this programme is supported with 7 billion Euros.

The aims of the lifelong learning programme:
  • Europeans should learn together and from each other.
  • It should be possible to take parts of a training programme abroad. This should be approved throughout Europe.
How to do it?

Every single European citizen should be able to document his complete education within the EU. Therefore two instruments have been developed:
  • the Europass
  • the European qualifications framework for lifelong learning
 Mutual recognition of training throughout Europe

The European qualifications framework makes transeuropean exchange of qualifications and competencies possible. It acts as a translation between the different educational systems of the EU member states.

The diplomas are put into a comprehensible and comparable form for employers, employees and the different institutions and organisations of each member state. The aim is for employees and apprentices to be able to use their acquired qualifications abroad. 

This TrainerGuide has a similar aim: Similarities and differences in the fields of experience, methods and qualification of European trainers are presented. And furthermore, the TrainerGuide is a communication platform providing opportunities for international exchange.

Click here for download of official templates for the Europass documents. 


10 - Lifelong Learning