10d - The new trainer

 Even trainers learn all through their lives
You already guessed: Trainers have to internalise the principle of lifelong learning, or they cannot manage the great variety of their different tasks. Apart from this, apprentices wouldn’t believe in the importance of lifelong learning if trainers didn't set a good example.

Committed trainers will profit from their attitude, both in a professional and in a personal way.

The methodical competencies acquired by training apprentices should be taught to executives and managers in special courses!

Advanced training courses especially for trainers are offered; it can pay to look for them. And the principle of lifelong learning doesn’t only include official courses…

The TrainerGuide is one of the possibilities available. This offer of practice-related, cross-border exchange of experience is a contribution to quality improvement in training –

And in lifelong learning.

10 - Lifelong Learning