2 - The workplace

 Things worth knowing about the company

Many things are unfamiliar when you are new to a company: colleagues, routines, rooms, customers and suppliers, etc.

For the apprentice it might even be his/her first workplace, and there is a big difference between going to school and being on a job.

The company, products, customers and the trade need to be described to the apprentice. Who are the colleagues and how is the work organised?

 Workplace culture

It is also important to describe the social culture of the company. Everyone who has been there a while is familiar with it. But new apprentices can be unsure of themselves.

  • How do you talk to each other?
  • What is important for the tasks and social interaction to 'work'?
  • What should you especially avoid doing?
  • How do you act with customers?
  • What is the dress code?
  • How are tasks divided?



2 - The workplace