2e - Products / services

 Standard or tailor-made products / services

Most companies have standard products and/or standard services that they offer to their customers. Often there are also standard price lists, sometimes depending on the season.

Make the apprentice familiar with:

  • The difference between your standard products and individual solutions 
  • When do you offer one and when do you offer the other? 
  • Do all the employees work with both kinds, or do you have specialists? 
  • Which products/services will the apprentice work with?
 Individual solutions

In many trades, there has been a movement from product-oriented to customer-oriented production. This means that companies deal more and more with individual requests, specialised solutions or directly "on demand".

Tell the apprentice what the company policy is on this issue. 

  • How do you make the distinction in your company? 
  • What are the sales and production conditions for your individual solutions? 
  • Is the apprentice involved in development, production or sales of individual solutions?


 Development trends and company innovation
Which direction is development going in your trade and your company?

How will the company's development affect the employees' future competence development?

What kind of innovation is going on in your company at the moment? What does this mean for the daily work (of the apprentice)? Consider offering instruction in company innovations, either in or outside the company.

2 - The workplace