3 - Vocational education

 What is vocational education and training?
Vocational Education has a long history - back to the industrial revolution. The technical term accepted almost everwhere is: TVET. This means "Technical and Vocational Education and Training".

TVET includes primarily: apprenticeship training, vocational education, technical education, occupational education and career and technical education.

TVET is also used as a comprehensive term referring to different aspects:
  • Part of general education
  • Preparation for occupational fields
  • An aspect of lifelong learning
  • Instrument for promoting
  • To promote employment
  • Facilitate poverty alleviation

In the TrainerGuide, we use the short abbreviation 'VET' - vocational education and training - as a common expression for vocational education within industry, commerce, craft, social and health, farming, as well as service professions.

 Vocational education as a dual system

The TVET system is often explained by using the term 'Dual System'.

This means that education and training take place in alternating periods in a school/training centre and in the workplace.

The alternating schedule can take place on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis, depending on the country. In some countries, students even alternate every day between a morning session and an afternoon session in the school and training company, respectively.


3 - Vocational education