Module 4g - Training groups

 Presentations for groups
If you have more than one apprentice, it can be an advantage to do the training in a group that cuts across several departments.

The purpose of group training is to save time and resources. But it can also have the advantage of creating a good community among the apprentices, who can support each other during the course of their training.

Some subjects can be presented to apprentices who are in different stages in their training. Other subjects can only be taught to apprentices in the same stage.

Check also module 4c.

As a trainer, here you are a lecturer, possibly combined with demonstration of a particular professional topic.

  • Time and structure of your presentation
  • Several short presentations rather than a single long one
  • When only listening, apprentices can usually concentrate for 30 minutes or less
  • Sound and lighting: Can everyone hear you and see you?
  • Choice of media; pc + projector, board, film clips, etc.
  • Should the apprentices get handouts or take notes?
  • May they interrupt with questions or comments?
  • Do you need to practise beforehand?
  • Do you need notes, cues or a manuscript?
 Learning in teams
Learning doesn't only take place in the interaction between the trainer and apprentice. Learning also happens, to a high degree, as a result of the social interaction in a team.

Especially soft skills and social skills can best be trained in a group. As a trainer, you can either arrange or dissolve groups – depending on the aim you have in mind. For the advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of groups, see the table on the right.

Future development
Newer developments are showing a growing interest in this kind of learning.

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