5 - The learning process

 Youth today

Young people today are used to being the centre of attention, and they expect to be heard. Many older people see young people as spoiled - especially compared to their own generation. 

Companies often experience young people as demanding: they ask many questions, and they want explanations for everything.

Most youths want to "make a difference" and be visible to colleagues and customers. Routine tasks aren't their favourites, and routine tasks are a part of any company, no matter the trade.

Most companies think having apprentices is a positive thing. The young people bring "a breath of fresh air", that they wouldn't want to be without. Youth can help companies come closer to the "trend of the times", when developing new products, etc. 

 The process of learning

The process of learning can be described as in the model Learning Process and Guidance during in-company training

The basic idea is that the path of a learner is  his/her own. His/her competence is something that should be identified from the beginning.

The goals are the defined competence(s). During the process, the trainer and the teacher should direct and guide the apprentice to stay on the path. Different kinds of interventions can be used to do this.


5 - The learning process