5a - A personal training plan

 Apprentices are not all alike

Apprentices are different. Some apprentices are very goal-oriented, have drive and want to learn a lot. Other apprentices are more hesitant and unsure of themselves. They lack self-confidence and give up easily.

Therefore it's important to be aware of "who the apprentice is". You need to give the apprentice appropriate challenges - not too hard and not too easy. This way, you can support the apprentice's growth through doing tasks.

 Different learning styles

Apprentices learn in different ways:

  • Some apprentices need "hands-on" learning, before they understand a task
  • Others need explanations, before they jump into the task
  • Some apprentices need help and support
  • Others can work independently
  • Some apprentices move quickly forward
  • Others need more time to learn the same things

Have a talk with the apprentice on how he/she learns best.

All apprentices need to know whether they have learned something, no matter their learning style.

Remember to praise the apprentice when there is a reason for it! It will give him/her self-confidence.

 What is a personal education plan?
In some countries, such as Denmark and Finland, the personal education plan has become an important element in vocational education. It is a requirement that apprentices make their own education plans with their own goals for their training.

The personal education plan is a result of conversations between:
  • The contact teacher and the apprentice 
  • The apprentice and the training company

How is an education plan drawn op?

Before the education plan makes its way into the logbook, a process has taken place.

In the process, objectives have been defined. These objectives have been adjusted, and perhaps new objectives have arisen. The apprentice is responsible for this process. It's a difficult task, and the apprentice's contact teacher and training company need to guide and support him/her. 

Larger companies have often made their own logbooks for the apprentices.
 Example from Denmark: The digital tool 'Elevplan'
The Danish Ministry of Education has made available a free digital planning tool: Elevplan. All training companies have access to Elevplan automatically.

The good thing about Elevplan is that the company, apprentice and school can use the tool together.

What possibilities are available in your country?

For more details about Elevplan click here
A portfolio is a folder that documents work done in the course of the training. You can read more about portfolio in module 9c (bottom of page).


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