6 - The apprentice's background

 Youth culture moves into the company

The apprentice is more than an employee or person being trained. His/her background influences his/her behaviour. And this is important for your training.

"Having apprentices gives us insight into youth culture", many companies say. "Young people speak another language", "listen to strange music" and "use their mobile phones constantly".

Some learn very fast. Real talents.

With some apprentices there are problems: They have trouble getting up in the morning. They don't have staying power. What if they have personal problems?

In this module you will find background information, references and tools.

 And even more culture


More and more immigrant youths go to vocational colleges. Immigrant youths can contribute to the good working climate and they can relate to your immigrant customers better, because they understand their background. Most of them do well, when they've found work placement.


But there will be questions that will influence the work process. How do I tackle language difficulties? Do I need to know anything about religion? What are the colleagues saying?

There is good advice and help to be found in this module.


6 - The apprentice's background