7 - Cooperation test

 We have relations - to whom?

We like to think of each man and each woman as a resource, and therefore a potential collaborator.

Cooperation takes place between:

  • colleagues (of course)
  • customers
  • suppliers
  • stakeholders
  • and others.
 Good teamwork

Good teamwork means a lot for the atmosphere in the workplace and the well-being of the workers.

Good teamwork can also be the basis for a well-functioning workflow. It often means high effectivity and benefits the customers.

And good teamwork gives room for discussing new ideas with each other. If management is responsive, it can foster creativity and development in the company.

Conflicts and conflict management

The word conflict means "collision, struggle". Conflicts can't always be avoided when people are together. Opposing opinions, interests, values or needs sometimes collide. When a young person is being trained, there can be specific problems related to this.

The trainer may have to manage conflicts with apprentices or conflicts that the apprentice is involved in. The right conflict management can ultimately help to prevent dropout from the training programme.



7 - Cooperation