8 - Safety and working climate

 Personal responsibility

Everyone makes mistakes. But some mistakes can have disastrous results.

To avoid harm to employees, machines and products, everyone must think carefully.

One of the best ways to prevent damage is to be able to understand work processes in their whole and assess risks. 

The more people who are alert and attentive, the greater chances are of avoiding accidents.

  A good working climate

Of course, issues of wages, holidays and working hours have to be cleared. But a workplace is more than a place where you deliver a piece of work. A good working environment probably means just as much and makes work flow more easily.

For many apprentices "well-being" is the most important thing in a "good training workplace". In more and more companies, this issue is becoming crucial for attracting and keeping both skilled workers and apprentices.

And everyone can contribute!


8 - Safety and working climate