9d - Certification / Graduation

 Certification / Graduation

In countries with a dual system, many vocational colleges have a tradition of inviting the person(s) responsible for training in the company to a graduation ceremony at the college, where the certificate is presented to the apprentice.

In some trades, especially gifted apprentices receive medals or other symbols of honour. These apprentices are honoured at special events. As a training workplace, there is an extra reason to be proud an apprentice, who has become so proficient. 

If there are no traditions for this in your trade, you should consider whether your company should celebrate the new skilled worker!

 Certificate Supplement (Europass)

The apprentice can be issued a "Certificate Supplement" at the same time as the final certificate:

This is the EU countries' international standardised supplement to the journeyman's certificate. It can be used as documentation, when the newly trained worker wishes to work abroad and has to document his/her skills.

Click here for download of templates!

All national Europass centres are listed on this website: http://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/ 


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