9e - Evaluation of workplace training

 The apprentice's evaluation
Benefit from the apprentice’s evaluation of your workplace training!

Ask for the apprentice’s overall opinions of the training period, discuss the training and make notes of the discussion.

This information should be used to further develop the set-up, the conditions and the practice of the training.

Click here to download an evaluation form for a final interview.
 The trainer's self-evaluation
As a trainer you should evaluate your own part of the training.

The following items are relevant:
1. Integration of the training in the workplace
2. The training
3. The company as a training placement
4. Cooperation with the VET organisation.

It is a good idea to fill out the form at the end of each practical training period in the company. Latest, however, at the end of the apprentice's training programme (download a template "Trainer evaluation").

As the person responsible for training, you will keep the forms and
follow up on suggestions for improvement.

9 - Assessment / evaluation