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The TrainerGuide is made by practitioners for practioners.
And of course, we can always become better! Please, help us and contribute with your opinion:

  1. Click here to download the questionnaire (Word).
  2. Save on your pc.
  3. Fill in the form. Attach to a mail and send to traener@traenerguide.dk.
  4. Or: Send a fax to the Danish project lead + 45 8744 0612, att. Regina Nielsen
 Tested by users
Also the national versions of the TrainerGuide are test-run by users.
Editors from the international TrainerGuide network base the guides' further development on the comments of trainers.

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Listen to the feedback from two Danish trainers:

  • Experienced trainer from the it-sector (1 min., 0,5 mb). In Danish, English voice over coming up.


  • New trainer from an electronic department (45 sec., 0,3 mb). In danish, English voice over coming up.

What do you think?